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A long time in the making

1 year ago · 1 MIN READ

Christmas of 2014, I bought myself all the gear I needed to start making home brew. I had a few mates making their own beer, some of it even tasted pretty good. I figured it was time for me to give it a crack. After all, I liked beer, all be it at this point in time, I was still probably drinking mostly mass produced lagers.

I don't do things in halves, so I a bought a kegging system straight up. Nothing too flash, a two tap system, in a new fridge bought straight from my local brew shop. In hindsight, I wish I'd saved some cash and bought an old system online, but really, it was just easier to get this thing shipped already setup. Taps, kegs, all the lines, and a simple PET fermentor.

I put my first brew down on Christmas day.


I'm pretty sure I was drinking it within about 10 days. I tended not to wait too long when I first started, these days, I'm trying to take my time a little.


Since then I have produced heaps of beer. At one stage there during summer, I think I was turning over at least 1 - 2 batches a month. I mostly brew using kits (with the good old Coopers Pale Ale being a favourite) and a few dry hops, though I have also really enjoyed making quite a few batches from extract brew recipes, the most successful of which was probably my dark IPA pictured below.





So, today, I'm starting a blog. I've just purchased a new fermentasorous fermentor, and have been going through a bit of a resurgence in motivation. I've taken notes previously, but haven't really posted anything publically. Hopefully, I can make use of this blog as a platform for both.


Tony Quilkey

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