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Preparing to cook up my black IPA

1 year ago · 1 MIN READ

Went online today and got all the ingredients for my Black IPA

  • 2 cans Coopers light malt extract (Substituted Generic Brand)
  • 500 g light dry malt
  • 500 g dark crystal grain
  • 250 g carafa 3
  • 250 g chocolate malt
  • 250 g dextrose

  • 60g Citra (Substituted Simcoe)
  • 50g Centennial (Substituted Cascade)

  • Safale US-05 Ale Yeast

I substituted a few bits and pieces, most notibly the hops, but also I got some generic brand of light malt extract. Where that may have fallen over is that the cans I bought were only 1kg each, where the recipe called for 2 x 1.5kg (the coopers). This actually reduced the ABV from 5.7% down to 3.8%, so I'll have to get another 1kg of malt before I cook this.

The recipe can be fond here:

I'll be cooking this up next weekend, and maybe making a video of it.


Tony Quilkey

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